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Exactly what I wanted, Admittedly, I had some hesitation purchasing these wedding dresses,But, I'm happy to report that I got exactly what I wanted…
wedding shop New York
- Keisha Moss
Hi Lacee As I promised here are a couple of pictures from the wedding of my cousin in Romania, for whom I bought The wedding dress. It was like is was made for her you can see it in the pictures. She was very happy with it, and she looked very beautiful in it. Thank you for your help!
wedding shop New York
- yolanda ak
Beautiful and charming!its very nice all. and the size and all its my favourite colour.thanks.
New York bridal shop I am very pleased with the company, the product, and the price. It was an overall wonderful, hassle free experience. Thank you for offering the discount wedding dresses.
- Kellie Ramsey
Guess what I got my wedding dress yesterday,it was so amazing.Thank you for the prompt service. The work is excellent and it fits very well,I just need to adjust around the thighs, but I love it. I stayed in it for a while. I can't wait to wear it on my big day! Great job and excellent customer service.
bridal shop in New York
- sarah joy
I'm getting married next May and I think this wedding dress is beautiful.Really really really want to buy it!
New York wedding shops
- happy bride
Hi,This gown looks amazing. If you could send me a picture of you wearing The wedding dress, I would really appreciate it.Thanks a bunch!!!
cheap wedding dresses New York
- Tracy Taylor
My sister's wedding gown was beautiful and well made. She was very pleased with it and the prompt service was amazing. Thank you.
shop cheapest wedding dresses New York
- brooke Masters
Hi Lacee,Thank you so much for the gown. It's just BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color and I love the lacing in the back!! It fits great too!!I was wondering if I can become some kind of retailer of your custom made gowns. Do you have catalogs that I can show people of The wedding dresses that they can choose? Is this idea something you would be interested in working with?Looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks,Yitty
New York bridal shops
- Gus Garlin
this wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous! The fit is perfect, and the length is exactly what I want. I asked that the neckline and the back be raised, and it was done exactly how I imagined. This is more than I could have hoped for!
bridal shop New York
- Annabel Russell-Smith
I am giving this wedding dress five stars because, for the price, it is a fabulous find and can't be beat. The wedding dress will be custom sized to your exact measurements (the seller will contact you through the email). I even requested an alteration to the design to cover half of the back instead of leaving my entire back exposed as shown in the pictures, and the results were exactly as desired.
wedding shop in New York
- Satisfied Bride
Hi girls, I bought this wedding dress, had it custom made and the fit was perfect. I chose to have it made a little longer as I had no decided on the shoes yet. My wedding is in Next year so I can post some pics up then!
New York wedding shop
- Pearl GinaCurtis
I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you soooooooo very much for all your help with finding the right dress, in the right color when the designer of my original selection stopped making my first choice of dress. I received The wedding dress yesterday, and I LOVE the color! It is PERFECT! In fact, I think I was meant to have this one instead. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you, and let you know that I will surely pass on you and Perfect Bridal as a reference.
cheap wedding shop New York
- Verity Waldron